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Need to rent a car in Khartoum? Read this

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Coming to Sudan to visit family and friends? Need a car for work? Or is it just that you need a car but can't afford the full cost of buying one? Renting a car might be the best solution for you. 

With cars for sale now costing more than SDG 100,000, we are seeing an increased interest from our alsoug.com users in cars for rent in Sudan. Renting a car also saves you money on routine maintenance, licensing, insurance and so forth, all of which add up to hefty monthly bills.  

So what is the range of car rental prices in Khartoum? For around SDG 8,000, you can hire a 2005 Hyundai Accent for a whole month. If you're feeling like a bit more luxury is needed, the 2014 model is around SDG 12,000 per month.