Propeling the sudanese economy online

Sudan was on the forefront of technology, but a period of sustained isolation resulted in a society disconnected from the world – with limited access to basic services most are used to, like online marketing or ecommerce. At the same time, Sudan remained a very tech-savvy nation, and when regulations and technology allowed, alsoug emerged – built in an environment where ordinary Sudanese cried out for something to help address their everyday problems.

When we started building, we were already looking to the future, and so when sanctions were lifted, alsoug was already well-established and ready to drive exponential growth. Now, with an open economy and an exciting emerging tech scene, we are doing just that – building on our alsoug marketplace platform and creating a new digital payments solution, Cashi, to benefit all Sudanese.


Too many sectors in Sudan are dominated by middlemen, creating a lack of transparency and resulting in higher prices being paid by end consumers. alsoug enables direct dealing between sellers and buyers, making the entire process of buying and selling goods and services more efficient. At the same time, alsoug also serves middle-men and brokers because they too can use the platform to reach a wider audience.

  • The largest digital classifieds and marketplace in Sudan.

  • Founded in 2016 and has nearly two million app downloads.

  • Enables Sudanese consumers and businesses to buy and sell any goods and services they need.

  • Listings include real estate, cars, electronics, and furniture, as well as services and job postings.

About Cashi

To help customers and merchants on the alsoug digital marketplace, alsoug created a PayPal-like payment service provider, Cashi in 2020. Services already accessible via Cashi include payments of utility bills, airtime top-up, government education services and of course payment to alsoug for premium advertising. With the help of one of our strategic new shareholders, Fawry, we are now extending this to build a digitally powered bill payment network across Sudan.

  • Cashi’s cross-country digitally powered payment rails will drive financial inclusion across Sudan.

  • Cashi will uphold the same quality, accountability and radical transparency mindset of alsoug to deliver true value for all stakeholders, from major billers to consumers.

Our Principles

Inclusive: from the outset, we have built a product that works for everyone – anyone who can get a phone with internet connectivity. We do not believe we have succeeded unless our products work for all.

Quality product: the quality of product for local people has always been paramount – it has to be, and is, the best in the market. This is reflected in the quality of our service offerings, in the fact that we always put customer experience first; revenue second.

Mobile-first mindset: for most people in Sudan mobile internet is the only internet they will ever know – our technology is built for this mobile-connected generation.

Persistence: we have built our reputation by being persistent, by doing the right thing and what is best for the country, and always taking a long-term approach.

Sudan-focused: Alsoug and Cashi are all about Sudan, understanding and working with local nuances – from the language used on the platform, to the imagery in our designs, we are Sudan first.