Employ a search engine to help you get employed!

The internet, and in particular search engines and job sites like alsoug.com, are the fastest and most convenient ways to find jobs in Sudan in the modern age. In particular, they are the best way to get your CV into the hands of potential employers, with less risk of it being thrown straight into the bin. 

At alsoug.com, we created the 'Jobs' category to aid you in your job search in Sudan. Our Jobs section is a central location where employers can readily post many of their Sudanese job openings. In addition, people seeking jobs can easily upload their CVs onto our CV Database by visiting the Jobs section and clicking on the red 'Upload your CV' button. Note that you must log into/register your profile before you can upload your CV.  Once your CV is on our CV Database, it will be available for companies and other employers to search through it, and contact you with ease.  

Preliminary steps:

Before you begin a Google search for jobs in Sudan, or a search directly on alsoug.com, or even upload your CV to the alsoug CV Database, you must:
1) make sure your CV is fully ready! and
2) make sure all the diploma certificates and other accreditations referred to in your CV are available and close to hand in case companies ask to see them.

How to effectively search on the internet from Sudan:
1) Google searches
On Google (and indeed on alsoug.com), choose search keywords that are clear, precise and relevant. For example, if you are an electrical engineer, when you are doing a Google Search is better to search for 'electrical engineer job Sudan' than just 'electrical engineer job, which may result in thousands of listings of electrical engineer jobs on the other side of the world!
You can also try narrowing your search by specifying a date, eg you could search for "sales job khartoum 2017".

2) alsoug.com searches
When you are searching on alsoug.com,  you can use the filters to make your search more narrow. Click here to check out this search as an example: it is a search for marketing and sales jobs in Khartoum, using the location filter: 'Khartoum', and the category filter: 'Jobs - Marketing-Sales'. Just using two filters immediately narrowed down the search, saving a lot of time and energy.

Other useful advice:
1) Be diligent 
I recommend repeating your search (whether on Google or alsoug.com) on a daily basis, to ensure you are always one of the first to apply for any new job that comes up. Set up a daily routine (perhaps first thing in the morning) so that you don't forget to do this.

2) Be responsive
Make sure you are on standby, so that you respond the minute that any potential employers contact you. In an employer's eyes, nothing creates a worst first impression than if a job applicant does not respond promptly to them.

3) Be patient
Job-hunting is literally that, a hunt. And like every good hunter you must be patient. Companies can often take time to evaluate CVs and interview candidates. If you don't hear from a company that you have submitted a CV to after a few weeks, it is ok to send a polite email requesting if they have made a decision, but it will reflect very badly if you are calling and emailing them every 5 minutes. 

4) Be open-minded about the salary
By this I mean simply, in any application form, do try as much as you can to not specific your ideal salary. Negotiations about salary and compensation usually happen after the employer is happy that you would fit the position, so don't rush this. Sometimes this can work in your favour, because you will be negotiating after the employer has decided to hire you, and by that point, they might not want to restart their search.

5) And finally, don't give up hope!
I urge you always to persevere. Never give up your search, because one day it will be sure to lead you to your dream job.

Happy hunting and best of luck!

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