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Last Updated on 20 May 2020. 

Welcome to alsoug.com! By accessing www.alsoug.com, our applications and our related websites, services, applications or tools (collectively referred to as "alsoug") you are agreeing to the following terms, including those available by hyperlink, which are designed to make sure that alsoug.com works for everyone. Please read them carefully.

These Terms & Conditions constitute a legally binding agreement between you and alsoug.com. You accept these Terms of Use by clicking the "Register the new account" button when registering an alsoug.com account and by otherwise accessing or using the alsoug websites, services, applications and tools, including posting an ad; or as otherwise indicated on a specific site, service, application or tool. 

Rules regarding advert content
The ad content on alsoug.com comes from the users and registered members of alsoug.com, and therefore we assume no responsibility for the content added and all users assume responsibility for their own content. Alsoug.com monitors the ads and content added by users in two ways: (1) for some ads, before they are posted, since some ads appear on the site only with the consent of our management, and (2) for the second type of ad, as soon as we can, after the ad has been posted. We care deeply about ensuring a wholesome and welcoming environment for all our users so we have rigid systems in place to monitor all content on our website, and we do our utmost to correct or remove any offensive content as soon as we can. If you see any content which you think needs to be brought to our attention, please help us build a safe community by contacting us at help@alsoug.com or on 2692 and letting us know.

Forbidden content
Given the above, a member is not permitted to post ads with content that violates the policies of alsoug.com, either on our platforms or on our social media pages. Any such content will be deleted directly by our administrators. For example, it is forbidden to:

  • Duplicate ads. Ads cannot be repeated more than once.
  • Duplicate memberships. A member may not have more than one membership account. The new memberships will be, following confirmation by the content monitoring team, disabled, only the oldest account will be maintained.
  • Post fraudulent advertisements. These include fake ads for cars, cell phones and loans whose purpose is to deceive users on the site. These will be disabled by the content monitoring team.
  • Collect CVs or other personal information about other users, including any attempt to collect and then sell that information. Serious legal action will be taken against any individual or company who we suspect of such behaviour.
  • Post adverts that are reported by other users or have been proven to have infringed the rights of, or caused any harassment, to other users. These will be disabled by the content monitoring team and where appropriate, legal action will be taken. 
  • Post job adverts that require employees or employees with special specifications such as those that request applicants to send a photo with biographies or social status or a specific or general appearance.
  • Post adverts that cover the selling, renting, trade in, advertising or promotion of items prohibited on alsoug.com such as: selling human organs, weapons, antiquities, cannabis, other drugs and anything else that violates Sudanese morality.
  • Post adverts that touch on acts of vandalism, victimization, murder, rape, violence, criminal organisations and the like.
  • Post adverts that are contrary to Islamic law, such as those that relate to the sale of alcohol.
  • Post adverts that refer to magic and sorcery, both services or selling related items such as rings and talismans.
  • Post adverts that touch on treatment using Qur'an, such as treatments for envy and magic.
  • Post promotions, especially if they are for websites, TV channels, or advertising for a company, and do not cover the advertisement, in the ad, of an actual product, event or service. These include ads whose purpose is to promote websites, forums or e-commerce, and ads which contain external links. These will be controlled by our content monitoring team. 
  • Post network marketing ads for example adverts for profit via the internet such as click through ads, adsense or forex trading. 
  • Post ads regarding marriage, dating or similar are not allowed to be published.
  • Post job ads without giving details of the hiring person or company such as: company address or telephone number and information about its name and field of work. This is for the safety of our users. 
  • Post ads that are not clear and are not related to the purpose for which alsoug.com is created, including but not limited to the following advertisements: requests for financial assistance, slander or defamation of others, inappropriate PR of companies or people etc. 
  • Post ads that require employees for places that sell liquor, for night clubs, ads for fashion models and the like, as they are not allowed and punishable by law
  • Post ads for eavesdropping equipment, camera pens, small cameras, electric detonators, decoders, radar or wireless detectors and similar devices, as well as advertisements for sexual instruments or drugs which are not permitted and which trading or possession are punishable by law.
  • Post advertisements for the sale of antiquities of any kind where possession or trade of such items is forbidden by law.
  • Post ads for financial assistance, loans and others financing practices contrary to Islamic law.
  • Post ads for cigarettes, tobacco, shishas, cigars, pipes etc., and any advertisement promoting items such as the guarantee, sale and rental of smoke shops and cafes.
  • Post ads for the sale of receivers, paid stations, etc. via other satellites, for which the advertiser is not an official agent of the service.
  • Post ads for fishing games such as: 8 game, pool ball coins, poker for sale which are aimed at gambling.
  • Post matloob (requested) ads for goods or services such as cars, land, services, projects or partners for projects without full details about the required.
  • Post ads for the sale of clothes and dresses which do not contain pictures.
  • Post ads which contain inappropriate images which disregard public morality (with the exception of those designed only for women and accessible in the womens' section only).
  • Post ads where part of the details of the ad are only accessible through a Facebook link or other external link or requires something to be downloaded onto the viewers device.

In addition, please note that usernames should be meaningful, ethically decent, not infringe Islamic and Sudanese culture, not be illegally affiliated with a particular company or category, or be a name associated with "alsoug.com" such as: admin alsoug.com or anything alsoug.com ...). We strongly prefer you to use your personal name or your company name instead.

Stay Safe Online
Use these tips to help you stay safe online: 

  • Do not send any money to anyone via tahweel raseed or otherwise unless you are 100% sure of them and what they are selling.

  • Be careful of badly written adverts. The presence of linguistic and spelling errors are usually a strong indicator that the advertiser is not Sudanese. He/She may have used an online translator. You must be wary of these ads because they may be posted by foreign scammers. Always call the alsoug.com helpline and check with our team first if you are in doubt.

  • Be wary of ads which use images from the Internet. The advertiser may have used generic internet images because they don't have the actual product.

  • Watch out for ads that are unreasonable .. for example a product in amazing condition but at half the normal price. Just be careful when dealing with such advertisers.

  • Be conscious of advertisers who place unbelievable prices to attract and deceive buyers, make sure of the average price of the product you want to buy before you buy it.

  • Check what you want to buy before you pay money for it. Check it meets your expectations and where possible, it is great to be given the supporting documents of title or warranty etc.

  • The following tips will help you to identify suspicious job ads:
    • First, avoid sending any personal information (such as photos of yourself) before making sure the ad and the job are legitimate
    • Be way of ads that are so short that they do not contain enough information about the available job

Privacy Policy
Please review our privacy policy to understand more about how we at alsoug.com try to safeguard your data online. Remember though, when you post something on alsoug or elsewhere online, it becomes public and you can lose control over its dissemination. 

Copyright of our content

All content contained on alsoug, such as text, graphics, logos, icons, images and sound, digital downloads, and data collection, are owned by alsoug.com and are protected. All contents of this site are the exclusive property of alsoug.com. You may not copy or modify any part of our content. You may not access the private database or use any software that hacks the pages of alsoug.com.

No guarantee any accuracy of currency rates or other market data published on alsoug.com.
 The direct and indirect shareholders, financiers, investors, directors, managers, employees, and other related parties of alsoug.com, do not accept any responsibility for any action or omission taken by any party based on any data published by alsoug.com.

Third parties seeking to purchase currency or make other transactions should use their own resources to confirm prevailing rates and not act upon any data published by alsoug.com.
Alsoug.com does not provide prices related to currencies or other market data as a official reference or as a body authorized to set prices by the competent authorities, but rather provides average price indicators and parallel market prices and such data should not be used for the purpose of entering into any commercial, financial or legal operations in any way, or any other form or type of transaction. Alsoug.com is not responsible in any way for the use of any currency prices or market data used by any parties in violation of this condition.

Contact us

If you have any comments or feedback regarding our terms and conditions, please do contact us at help@alsoug.com (subject: Terms & Conditions). You may also speak to one of the team on 2692.