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Contract Analyst-Lawyer - دوام كامل

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  • Job Title : Contract Analyst-Lawyer

  • Sector : Consulting Services

  • Job Type : Full-time

  • What are the languages required for this job? : Arabic - English

  • What is the skill level required for this job? : Managerial

  • What is the minimum qualification level required for this job? : Masters

  • How many years' experience are required for this job? : 15

  • What is the salary? : 12,000

Details : Must have professional work experience as a Contract Analyst or similar role. He should be extremely thorough and detail oriented, as the job largely consists of reading through contractual documents line by line. He must have excellent writing skills in English and Arabic, as he is often required to write or rewrite contracts. He must be able to express himself effectively and accurately in writing to avoid any confusion in the agreements. Must also be able to manage their time efficiently, as many contracts and deals are time sensitive. Advice and interpret contract requirements, obligations and risks. Comply counterpart contract terms with legal requirements and policies.

T.K. Firoz

T.K. Firoz


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