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A Projects Officer is needed for a NGO, women encouraged to apply

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وظائف السوق


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Details :The Strategic Initiative for Women in the Horn of Africa (SIHA) is looking to hire a Projects Officer for a NGO job in Sudan will work very closely with the Sudan Senior Programme Officer, Sudan Programme Officer Regional Director, Regional Programme Coordinator (RPC) as well as the program staff in Sudan.
She/he will manage a portfolio of projects and related activities and contribute to further refine SIHAs strategy and its effective implementation.
The SPO has the responsibility to manage the SIHA projects, contribute to the development of its programs and fundraising activities, maintaining contact with stakeholders, including donors, members, partners and others.
The candidate for this position should have strong knowledge and understanding of the Horn of Africa, specifically, Sudan, South Sudan, Somalia, Somaliland, Djibouti, Kenya and Ethiopia.
A commitment to womens rights and the principles of gender equality and interest in social movements is essential, with proven track-record on right-based programming being a precondition for shortlisting.
SIHA will be interested in individual applicants with commitment to indigenous civil society organizations and their essential role in promoting the improvement of conditions for women and girls across the Horn of Africa.
Other Requirements:

Strong academic background, with Masters-level education preferable
Strong combination of studies and work experience in the fields of women, human rights and development in the African context, East and Horn of Africa and/ or /Middle East North Africa;
Have at least 3 to 5 years of work experience in the field of gender and/or development cooperation preferably within civil society, human rights NGOs or donor organizations, with preference being focused work in the human rights field and similar sectors;
Flexibility and ability to shift priorities based on changes of context;
Good understanding of the Horn of Africa political and social context, and knowledge of the regional and international mechanisms/dynamics influencing the region


وظيفة مشاريع السودان (SPO) هي وظيفة فعالة داخل SIHA. سيعمل الSPO عن كثب مع كبير مسؤولي البرامج في السودان ، ومسؤول البرامج في السودان ، والمدير الإقليمي ، ومنسق البرامج الإقليمي (RPC) وكذلك موظفي البرامج في السودان. سيتولى إدارة مجموعة من المشروعات والأنشطة ذات الصلة والمساهمة في زيادة تحسين استراتيجية SIHA وتنفيذها الفعال. تتحمل SPO مسؤولية إدارة مشاريع SIHA ، والمساهمة في تطوير برامجها وأنشطة جمع الأموال ، والحفاظ على التواصل مع أصحاب المصلحة ، بمن فيهم المانحون والأعضاء والشركاء وغيرهم.

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