An E-based company that deals with Business Innovations alongside Health and Nutrition is seeking to source 30 business -minded individuals IN JUBA to be part of the existing team of pioneer associates. Qualifications -Must be able to work under minimum supervision -Must have basic computer knowledge. Kindly note that no specific education qualifications and previous experience are needed for this job. Send your full name and current location to + *254708588749* indicating whether you are interested in full-time or part time. OR IF YOU KNOW ANY INTERESTED INDIVIDUAL INFORM HIM OR HER. ALL THE BEST

أو قم بملئ البيانات التاليه

لاحظنا انك لم تكمل ادراج بيانات مؤهلاتك العلمية، اذا لم تدرجها فإننا نقترح إضافتها لزيادة فرصك للاتصال بك من قبل صاحب العمل